About The Site

Wan’s 2 Cents is a blog site where postings of top news stories involving politics, sports, and entertainment can be viewed and commented on. The site Wan’s 2 Cents encourages visitors to engage in discussion by responding to the sites postings via the comments section. When visitors respond to those topics presented on the site, Wan’s 2 Cents can use these responses to further discussion, and follow-up stories can be created much easier. Depending on what topics visitors tend to respond to most frequently provides the site with data that will be used to decide what subjects are most important to our visitors. Wan’s 2 Cents wants to ensure that all visitors can express their point of view whether it be in agreement or disagreement with the posting. Wan’s 2 Cents also wants to remind those that all comments should be presented in an intellectual manner, which means the site is against  comments that intended to hurt or offend another party or individual. Wan’s 2 cents will do its best to provide a comprehensive, fun, and enjoyable experience at the site.

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