Day 2…. Occupy Wall St. Migrate then March

October 12, 2011

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On the Friday, the big news about Occupy Wall Street was that they were running out of room at their original location, and that some protesters would be moving to Washington Square Park. After seeing how crowded Zucotti Park was on Saturday, I can now fully understand their decision. I arrived at Washington Square Park around 4:15P.M., and overheard a protester whom I thought to be just some random individual; he was saying that within the next 20 minutes, they would be marching back to Zucotti Park. I didn’t pay much attention to him, and I began taking pictures. As I made my way around the park, I came across some protesters repeating the words of speakers who were addressing the crowd. I tried to take as many pictures as possible of the speakers, and as I jostled for positioning to get a good shot within the crowd, another sign would pop up or catch my attention. After about 15 minutes, the same guy who made the announcement about the march back to Zucotti Park, along with a few others began building momentum. He circled with other fellow protesters chanting “We are the 99%” and “All month, all year occupy everywhere”. I scrambled to catch them in a full shot, but this is when I realized my aunt’s camera was not efficient for this type of activity (slow shutter speed).  Although very grateful for her allowing me to borrow it, after a few pics of chasing them around in a circle I became a little tired, and took a seat on the bench.

It took me only but 10 minutes to realize that half the crowd had dispersed…. It was on!!! I found the park exit as soon as possible and figured out by the police sirens which way the protesters had gone. Then after a few lefts, I saw one of the most incredible things…. I actually became a part of it as I tried to take pictures. The protesters had now taken over the entire right sidewalk heading south-bound on Broadway in Soho. It was amazing; I’ve never thought this would be possible without some sort of resistance from law enforcement. The police presence was extremely heavy. I’m not clear whether they had received some sort of agreement with the law enforcement, but the officers we not looking to engage in any resistant behavior. For anyone who has ever been in Soho knows that there are a lot of retail stores and other businesses, which were completely held at a standstill as protesters occupied Broadway Avenue. The energy was amazing all the way back to Zucotti Park. Onlookers were also shocked and amazed, majority was in support, but it was pretty clear they weren’t going anywhere for a while so why not just take it all in…. There were a few whom did not support the marching or the protesters. A man whose cab I guess was held up by the protesters marching decided to let them know how he felt by shouting obscenities and flipping the bird with both hands. Such a nice man he was…. I grew increasingly fatigue as it was a slow crawl back to the Zucotti Park. When I got back to the Zuccotti Park I then realized why they had a migrated, the area is ridiculously packed. I mean swamped with people, both protesters, media, and those just wanting to experience the growing popularity of this occurrence first-hand. Here are some pictures below for those of you who may be still uninspired.

At Washington Square Park

My favorite signs of the day!!!!

The march back down to Zuccoti Park

Here they come!!!

In full force!!!

This picture says it all!!!

Look closely!!!

On-looking supporters

Following the entire time….

Back at Zucotti Park

Finally some media coverage

How they’re living



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One Comment on “Day 2…. Occupy Wall St. Migrate then March”

  1. Kaw77 Says:

    Good pics, I really like to sign with the Statue of Liberty getting arrested.


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