Day 1 at Occupy Wall Street

October 1, 2011

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Propaganda, politics, the poor population, police, pepper spray, and a whole lot of pissed off people protesting who have hopes of progress. Occupy Wall Street, yesterday, posted on their website that Radiohead would be performing down in the Wall Street area at 4PM…. That didn’t happen, and as I begun to realized that the conscious population may have been hoaxed, my respect for the “organization” had somewhat diminished, but I was still determined to get down there to see what the controlled media has not been providing coverage of…. When I say controlled media, I’m talking about the big name networks that for some reason have found other news more important than protests growing day by day in one of the most diverse cities in the world, which also happens to be the “media capital of the world”. So I’m just finding it hard to believe that this gathering right down on Wall Street has only been televised because of excessive force used by a Police Sergeant and a few other police officers. I was also somewhat disgusted by something else, of all the people I know personally, nobody really cared what so ever to even go down to the area. I don’t know anyone that’s part of the wealthy 1%, but everyone else I do know is in the 99%. People will probably make the excuse that I have to go to work, or I’m too tired after work, but they’re not realizing that what they are working so hard to achieve, big corporate America is taking away piece by piece. This isn’t occurring at a snail’s pace, yesterday, it was reported that Bank of America, along with a few other banks will now charge you for using your debit card. No, they are not the first bank to apply this type of fee, but this is only the beginning of a wave of new fees and restrictions from banks. As I wonder what  it will take to get people more involved about their present and future, and if not theirs what about the present and future of those I know who have children? To me that would be scary knowing my child would have to struggle even more than I did, but from the looks of things, there aren’t too many who seem interested, and only a small amount that are looking to take action. I felt the need to at least be abreast of the protesting. It seems to be in my best interest being that I am of the 99%. I decided since most won’t go to see what was going on, and the networks refuse to report it, but they had no problem reporting revolutions in Tripoli, Egypt along with other parts of the Middle East earlier this year. I’ve returned from the Wall Street area with the hunger for more, and hopefully some inspiring pictures.

This man stood exactly in the heart of Wall Street and garnered a lot of pictures and attention

Here is  the reverse side of his sign:

This was as I approached Zucotti Park which is the main grounds of the protest :

A closer shot of  Zucotti Park:

As protesters marched to One Police Plaza  overall energy and activity increased:

Police were on high alert at this point:

Making a stand for what you believe in is ageless:

99%  flag:

Inside One Police Plaza:

Educate the youth:



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2 Comments on “Day 1 at Occupy Wall Street”

  1. Bob Says:

    Great reporting! PS google search for “Wan’s 2 cents” gives you a +1.


  2. Chevoun Anthony Says:

    So true. Great job Kuwan. We all have to do our part for now and the next generation.


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