Troy Davis Beyond Reasonable Doubt???

September 21, 2011

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Unfortunately, by the time some of you may read this, a man may have been already unfairly executed. Sadly, up to this point, I’ve been uninformed about a serious situation down in Georgia. A man, who was convicted guilty for murdering a police officer in 1989, was put on death row. That man, Troy Davis is now minutes away from receiving lethal injection, 7pm tonight. During his 22 years on death row, Davis’ lawyers have filed for appeals on four occasions since 1989, and Davis’ plea was also heard from by the Supreme Court last year only to be denied. This Tuesday a Georgia board of pardons and paroles rejected Davis’ plea for clemency, this all according to reports. If your life were in the hands of a few witnesses that were forced to testify by law enforcement, which has already cost you 22 years of jail time what would you do? How would you feel knowing you’re innocent? Davis said his last goodbyes to 25 friends and family earlier today. And, also this morning it was just reported that his last-minute appeal was denied, lawyers said they would now try to appeal at the Georgia Supreme Court, and if that was unsuccessful they would attempt a last-ditch effort to appeal to the United States Supreme Court. Davis now 41 was arrested for the killing of Officer Mark McPhail at the age of 19. This arrest and conviction puts the judicial system of more than 20 years ago in perspective. Davis was convicted and sentenced to life without authorities finding a murder weapon or DNA evidence…. How could this be? Some of you are probably out there wondering, and the only answered that can be provided is: witness testimony. According to reports 7 out of 9 witnesses whom have testified back in 1989 have all recanted, contradicted, and compromised their testimony at some point in time, and also a few witnesses on the side of the defendant Troy Davis, whom are unable to be located. One woman appeared on CNN today with surprising information that may or may not get her jail time for withholding information. She claimed to have been with a man who she said confessed the night they were out drinking to the murder of Officer McPhail. I personally hope his last appeal before the United States Supreme Court is accepted because I feel he was dealt an injustice because there was no evidence, no DNA was found, and on top of that, the so-called witnesses have recanted. Today, if this were to be the parameters of the case, I do not feel he would have been convicted, but maybe that goes to show you how times have changed or have they….?




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3 Comments on “Troy Davis Beyond Reasonable Doubt???”

  1. kai Says:

    Wow, that really opens your eyes and makes you think about how messed up the judicial system really is. Its sad thinking that a man is now dead, who spent the majority of his life behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. Smh


  2. Joseph c Says:

    Prisons everywhere have falsely convicted and imprisoned inmates


  3. frankie Says:

    I’m not so sure if things would be different today due to the fact that people are wrongly convicted all the time. whether it being lack of evidence or the attorneys persuasiveness with the jury. In this day and age however these wrongful convictions should not be happening period, especially since we have all the technological resources at hand to make a positive conviction.


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