Inappropriate Behavior or Just Enjoying the Festivities???

September 12, 2011

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Hold the sorrel, rum, and peanut punch, the big news stories regarding the Labor Day weekend was the amount gun violence. There were close to 50 people shot in the span of three days which is an appalling total. But, just like every situation there’s a sub-story that gets over-looked. The Labor Day Parade has been something I’ve personally avoided in the past five years due to the fact that it gets too crowded, and sometimes, unless you’re in the right spot at the right time Mother Nature can be a bit cruel. I am a Brooklynite, born and raised so maybe I’ve grown numb to the entire experience, but thanks to Facebook, someone posted a video via their status message of something I don’t ever recall seeing in all my years of attending the Labor Day Parade. Now, I’m not saying this has never happened before because there’s a strong possibility it has, but I’m saying I’ve never seen it before.

During the parade numerous police officers and parade participants were dancing with each other in a lewd manner (see the video below). Now, there were a few criminal acts that occurred during the parade, could some of these crimes have been prevented if the cops were not distracted, or are there just too many people to be everywhere at one time? It seems these cops were standing in their designated positions so it doesn’t seem like they were looking to participate in the parade initially. But, then again, looks can be deceiving because as the women approached the officers they were not looking to cease the behavior; they were actually encouraged while encouraging other fellow officers to continue with the behavior.

This style of dancing has been around for decades. You can see this at just about any party you go to, but is being assigned to provide safety and protection to a parade entitle you to become distracted and part of festivities? The NYPD have had many embarrassing incidences throughout their history, and especially with the invention of the camera phone in the last decade, most of them have been caught on tape for the public to see. Officers also on that day were caught on video applying excessive force to two Councilmen that were given permission to walk down a closed sidewalk during the parade. I’m not sure if those officers will be held accountable for their actions or if they can even be identified by their superiors, but does this even warrant reprimanding (no pun intended), or is this part of the new initiative to increase a positive relationship between law enforcement and minorities in the community?

The new spin on what I once knew as “dubbing”



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2 Comments on “Inappropriate Behavior or Just Enjoying the Festivities???”

  1. frankie Says:

    damn bro i can’t see the video they took it off smh


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Let’s be honest, the Police suck. No way they would’ve actually prevented a killing, they probably would’ve just arrested another teenager for enjoying and nice, nice spliff


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