Dire State of Hip Hop!!!

September 7, 2011


Today, the hip hop world is buzzing, some of you may have already heard Lil’ Wayne’s ‘The Carter IV’ album has out sold ‘Watch The Throne’, regarding sales in the first week. Those that are fans of Lil Wayne’s are treating this like a big victory for the rapper. This is not the first time Lil’ Wayne’s sub-par hip hop music has defied logic. In 2008 when Lil Wayne’s ‘The Carter III’ came out, the album went platinum in the first week. As mind-boggling as that is, what’s worse is that the last time a rapper went platinum in the first week was 2003, and that artist was 50 Cent, he accomplished that twice. The first time was for his debut album in 2003 ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, and then again in 2005 for his second album ‘The Massacre’. This feat accomplished by 50Cent not once, but twice was somewhat remarkable because his albums were able to reach platinum sales numbers while in the era of online downloading. Peer-to-peer file sharing sites like Napster, and Limewire destroyed the market for CD sales which resulted in the loss of profit for many artists and record companies.

The lawsuit against Napster by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) in 1999, eventually forced the site to completely shutdown in 2002, they agreed to a $26 million settlement, eventually forcing the company to go bankrupt.  This prompted Limewire to become the number one site for peer-to-peer downloading, they were prominent for about five years, then in 2010 they lost a lawsuit to Arista Records. After further investigation, Limewire was found to have further copyright infringement which led to the company settling out of court with the RIAA for the sum of $105 million.

The height of hip hop was during the 1990’s to the early 2000’s. Back in 2007, hip hop music also known as rap music had its biggest drop-off in sales worldwide, 33%. This was a year before ‘The Carter III’ was released. The fall off in rap music isn’t an anomaly that just happened. The influx of sub-par rappers from the south not only deteriorated the art of rap, but also those young impressionable listeners who are now young teenagers and young adults. Rappers like Souja Boy, Lil Boosie, Webbie,  Rich Boy, Dem Franchise Boys, D4L, Shawty Lo to name a few, dominated the airwaves. Can you imagine an 11 or 12 year-old now able to decide which music he or she wants to listen to, after  not being allowed to listen to rap music when it was at its peak? It’s no wonder sub-par albums like those of the “Carter series” go platinum. The music by those southern rappers were played in heavy rotation because they had heavy bass and percussion beats along with being somewhat catchy, but that’s not what hip hop is about. I wish I could go back to the late 90’s when record companies didn’t have radio stations on payroll, and competition was similar to 100 gold-digging women at a professional athlete’s birthday party. In the late 90’s, the competitive industry forced rappers to bring their best effort on every song. Artists were at the necks of their label counterparts just for the chance to shine. Where’s the competition? Where are the rivalries? Those that are trying to promote Lil Wayne against a legend (Jay-Z) should stop!!! I mean unless they want to see that boy’s career come to an end. I refuse to compare their artistic elements for the simple fact that Jay-Z has a rough estimate of about 12-13 platinum or multi-platinum albums compared to Lil Wayne’s three, I mean really? Jay-Z is not known for having the best character persona-wise, and maybe Lil Wayne might have a better all around personality (which I highly doubt), but regarding music careers it’s a no-contest. We do have some potential artists waiting in the wings for example Drake, Wale, J.Cole, Big Sean, and a few others, but until Jay-Z is ready to release the throne they’ll have to wait their turn. Don’t tug on Superman’s cape!!!

Here’s hip hop’s best from 1997 and 1998

Still gets a party rocking every time!!!

Didn’t even know they had a video for this:



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3 Comments on “Dire State of Hip Hop!!!”

  1. Brian Nortey Says:

    This Is A Post Of A Clear Hater, U Just Defined What A Hater Is….U Clearly Don’t Understand That 80’s Hip Hop Sounded Different Than 90’s Hip-Hop, So Therefore 2000’s Hip-Hop Is Gonna Sound Different Than 90’s Hip-Hop. U Can’t Be Someone To Judge If You Barely Listen To The Music & Can’t Remember The Name Of A Hit Song Nowadays…They’re Plenty Of Artist From The 90’s Era That Support Lil Wayne’s Music. He Clearly Worked Hard To Be Where He’s At, Cuz He’s Been In The Game Since 99’…Your Ears Are Clearly Stuck In The Past To The Point That It Bothers U That Some Of Today’s Music Can Sound Better Than The Music You Enjoyed. Things Change Over Time That’s Life, If 90’s Music Still Sounded Like Today There Will Be No Growth In Music. Imagine If Basketball Was Without The Flashy Crossovers And Dunks That Developed Over Time…It Will Be Boring & Without Excitement. For You To Say Degrade The New Artist Of Today Is Plain Wrong, Music Legends All Over Will Say Your Thought & Theory Are Wrong.


  2. Cole Says:

    I think this is only your opinion because you grew up with old school hip hop and rap. You can find lots of quality songs in any period (and I do agree that it is quite easy to get a hit these days with producers being the real artists in the situation), and to ignore modern rap entirely is only your fault (especially after you mention Drake as being good). I would suggest you listen to Tyler the Creator as he would be more your style, but in all of this the best and truest rapper is Lil B the Based God #swag.


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