Poor Judgement in Parenting pt.2

July 23, 2011

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I can recall when I was around Leiby’s age, and my father who could be accused of poor judgment at times, attempted to let me ride the bus home alone from basketball practice. He told me that he would not be accompanying me, and he needed pick something up at a different location. The bus route for the B46 from the Bedford YMCA to my home was straight down Halsey St. I would then get off, walk three blocks and my house was around the corner. That’s what made it a somewhat simple trip, being that there weren’t many turns along the route, and that combined with the many times I’ve ridden that bus in the past. I recall my mother not being too pleased with the decision by my father, which was one of his many missteps during my life.

The bizarre details in the Casey Anthony trial can make one wonder what type of world we live in. And, how is it that moral judgment can vary in such a vast range between adults? Stepping away from the Casey Anthony trial, as we all know the mother of Leiby Kletzky was not trying to intentionally harm her son. She was only trying to instill the life skills that he would need, in order to maintain in society. I think the question for debate is:  Should an autistic child be given the same responsibilities of a child who has a normal functioning brain? I’m no child psychologists nor am I a neurologist, but sometimes, more often than not I’m able tap into my reserve of common sense. So I ask you, the few readers I have out there with guts to actually write a comment: What age is the right age to allow your child to travel alone? Or, could the privilege of a child traveling alone depend on the aptitude of the child not the age?



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One Comment on “Poor Judgement in Parenting pt.2”

  1. Chiquna Says:

    I think the decision to let your child travel alone via public transportation or just walking a few blocks to thier destination is one that should be heavily discussed and made between the child and parent(s). It matters what the child is capable of remembering (check points, street signs, etc) and how well the child can handle being by him/herself.

    Age 7 is not an appropriate age for a child, especially an autistic child, to travel home without any supervision of any knid by him/herself. I look at my 7 year old nephew and he doesnt remember to flush the toilet after using it let alone what street to make a right or left on; I dont think he knows his right from his left.

    Granted some children develop (mentally) at a faster rate, and that doesnt mean they wont be able to “handle” (I put handle in quotes because, really, how well can a 7 year old handle themself against a grown-up) hinderng situations, but they are still just a child.


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