Shaving Cream Creates Slapstick in the Courtroom

July 20, 2011

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For those who are not familiar with the story by now Rupert Murdoch, is in court on behalf of his company News Corp, their tabloid newspaper News of the World, is in serious hot water for hacking into 13 year-old Milly Dowler’s cell phone.  Dowler went missing on her way home from school in March of 2002.  Six months later she was found dead 25 miles from her home. The tabloid not only listened to private messages in a time of distraught, but also deleted messages, which confused those looking for her. Her murderer Levi Bellfeild was convicted this year. Bellfeild was sentenced to life in prison for abduction and murder. Apparently, this is not the first time the tabloid has hacked into someone’s voicemail; they’ve also gained access to the voicemail’s of celebrities, politicians, and some royalty.

Media mogul and Chairman of News Corp, Rupert Murdoch couldn’t have seen this coming, but maybe one doesn’t need to watch over their back when you have a wife like Wendi Deng. During Murdock’s testimony some clown with no makeup decided it would be self-fulfilling to give Murdock a shaving-cream pie to the face (how people like these get past security and into courtrooms is beyond my comprehension). In the midst of the attack it seems Deng instinctively jumped to the aid of her husband, (if only loyalty like this still existed in the world) swinging a right… then a left… and also managing to counter-attack the attacker with his own weapon (wow, what a woman). The culprit Jonathan May-Bowles is a comedian/activist for UK Uncut. May-Bowles might feel like he did something heroic by humiliating Murdoch, but it’s clear that the real hero is, Wonder Woman… I mean… Wendi is exactly what I would want if I was old, rich, and had more than a few enemies of my empire, hell, I’d take a woman like that right now!!! Obviously, Murdoch knew what he was doing when he married this woman, with a company that is capable of committing vile acts like invasion of privacy; he’s going to need all the protection he can get!!!



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2 Comments on “Shaving Cream Creates Slapstick in the Courtroom”

  1. kaw77 Says:

    A real woman always have her mans back. No matter what the situation is.


    • steven clark Says:

      This pie inciednt gave the Murdock’s rehabilitation with the public. With all the nasty things his media empire has been doing it appeared that they would have been hit hard in this hearing. instead he has garnered great deal of sympathy because of this fool. his wife ain’t no joke. Smacked dude down and the hit him with the pie. On the other hand I’m still a conspiracy nut. Maybe it was a set up.


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