Michele Bachmann WTF!!!??? Are You Serious???

July 11, 2011

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It’s 2011, and still we have politicians that continue to make insensitive remarks about other human beings. The statement by Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was not only irresponsible coming from a public figure, but this is the second time this year controversy has been created regarding the African-American family. During Black History Month, Life Always, an anti-abortion group displayed a giant billboard in SoHo, New York, which read: “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb”. As disgusting as it was to make that into a giant billboard, but to unveil it during Black History Month was downright appalling, and straight up disrespectful. As much as I hate when people try to compare the fight for Gay rights, and same-sex marriages to the Civil Rights Movement, which is a debate for another time…. Every time we as a people try to make progress, and move forward the resistance becomes more outrageous. Hopefully, moving forward we can learn to be more responsible and sensitive toward others… At least in public that shouldn’t be too much to ask… Occurrences like these make it extremely tough for time to heal all wounds!



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5 Comments on “Michele Bachmann WTF!!!??? Are You Serious???”

  1. aj Says:

    The problem starts with the election of president Obama. Although society may have appeared to be making drastic strides towards racial equality and erasing the stigma of the white and black “race”, racial tension has only gotten worse since our first black president stepped into office. More and more vicious racially fueled violent acts have happened all over the country and it seems to be getting worse as time goes on. I truely believe by Obama winning the presidential election, it was a wake up call for many white americans that blacks were beginning to turn the tide and that is absoutley by any means not what they want to happen. Among citizens and politicans you can see the resistance becoming more and more firm and not even just amongst african americans. THe whole outrage in Arizona with the immigration laws is just an example of how white america is continually trying to degrade and oppress the so called “minority” in america.


  2. Victorious Says:

    i liked the SOHO add. it seemed statistically accurate to me. maybe it is because I have knowledge of the history of PP and Eugenics.. maybe its cuz im cold. who knows?

    I think that while Obama winning the election was a wake up call for many white americans – to blacks it was a like a warm cup of chamomile tea.


  3. ROB Says:

    Its a shame things like this happen but as long as adults continue to teach their kids ignorance about other races,the cycle will continue


  4. aj Says:

    For black american the election was a pat on the back which felt good for the time being but it did absoutely nothing for the black community as far as change the amount of children and adolescents growing up and getting involved in the wrong unproductive things although it gave a glimpse of what can be attainable. But this is a whole different conversation because things will never change until economics and ideologies change.


  5. Chevoun Anthony Says:

    The woman is an IDIOt.We have to stop supporting these people financially that continue to disrepect us. If one of us say or do the wong thing in their eyes, they do not support us.


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